•"Secretary's Assistant" at New England Capital Planners, Simsbury, CT (1989-1990--HS). Duration? 1 year.


I was the secretary's assistant, which was a fine and cushy job--especially since it was within walking distance, but somehow I just never felt like going to work (the story of my life).

I think I finally blew it when I called in sick for the fourth time in a week in order to play Dungeons & Dragons in my parents' basement (the rents were out of town--how could I not?) I didn't get fired, but they (the Planners) expressed their disappointment by saying that they didn't really need me anymore. I guess, in retrospect, I kind of did get fired, although I was looking to get out of working altogether. Frankly, I am still looking to get out of working altogether, I just haven't figured out how yet.


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