•Busboy for "Schooners--A Seafood Eatery": Brandon, FL (1988--High School) Duration? 1 month.


Besides babysitting, this was my first official job. I made exactly $3.33 per hour. I lied about my age to get this lucrative postition (I was thirteen or fourteen), and then I sucked at it. I would stand by the jukebox with the other busboy (who was also not a boy) and think about how much my legs hurt from standing on my feet. The jukebox played The Beach Boys' Co-co-mo (sp?) incessently. To this day I cannot hear that song without cringing.

I used to hang out in the kitchen and eat hushpuppies, an activity which foreshadowed more sinister uses of hushpuppies, although I would not realize it until years later.

I probably would have been fired if I hadn't quit.


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