•Cashier at Walgreens. Simsbury, CT (1989-1990)--High School) Duration? On and off for one year.


This was my most stable high school job. Kind of boring. The only people I recall with any sort of vividness are Philippa, a London punk I went to high school with, and another woman, a fat old cashier with hair like blue cotton candy. I wish I could remember her name. She was all right. The job itself was so-so.

I think I stole a lot of candy bars and film. Everyone stole everything. One day we caught the managers spying on someone, hoping to catch him in the act. They tried to trick people into thinking that there were really cameras in the ceiling, but we all knew it was horseshit. There were no cameras--no security, nothing.

Philippa had a system for stealing photographs: code name Macedonia. If you wanted free photos developed, you would fill out a form for Mr. Macedonia. Then Philippa would send them out, get them back, and file them under "M." Will those be pictures for Mr. Macedonia?" she would ask. Sly smiles would be exchanged. Free film would be delivered. I don't think she ever got caught.


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